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Reny Family Dear ,

There has been so much excitement about the Gillian Reny Stepping Strong Fund since we last wrote! Over the course of the summer, we surpassed the $3.5 million fundraising mark, fielded a Stepping Strong team of 23 runners for the Chilmark Road Race, hosted donor events at BWH President Betsy Nabel’s home and at Lafayette City Center, and received donations from the Starwood Hotel charity golf tournament. On August 1, we circulated a request for applications for our first-ever Stepping Strong Innovator Awards. These $100,000 grants–to be awarded yearly on a competitive basis—will fund high-reward, cutting edge projects by the best and brightest trauma care physicians and researchers at BWH. We are grateful to David and Betsy Epstein and John and Stephanie Connaughton for funding this exciting project in its first year.

We're also thrilled to report a wonderful response! A panel of experts—including members of Gillian's care team—reviewed 18 applications and selected six finalists who are exploring ideas that can make a real clinical difference for future trauma patients. The finalists were sorted randomly into two groups of three: one group to present publically at Research Day on November 20, and the other to present privately later in the fall.

It is with great enthusiasm that we introduce you to the three public finalists in this video. With a simple vote, you can make your pick for who should receive $100,000 to help advance trauma research and care for patients here in Boston and around the globe. For those of you in the Boston area, please join us on our upcoming Research Day. The three Innovator Awards finalists will make a last pitch, votes will be tallied, and our first Stepping Strong Innovator Awards winner will be announced in real time.

What a year it has been! By the end of 2014, just 10 months after launching the Stepping Strong Fund, we will have allocated more than $1.2 million to trauma research at BWH. We would like to extend our huge and heartfelt thanks once again to each and every one of you for making this possible.

With continued gratitude for your love and support,

Audrey, Steven, Danielle and Gillian


Stepping Strong Marathon Team

Reny Family Thanks to the support of the Boston Athletic Association and BWH, we have the opportunity to once again build a triumphant group of runners for our 2015 BWH Stepping Strong Marathon Team. Applications are open to anyone 18 years or older who wishes to run the historic Boston Marathon while raising funds to help those with devastating injuries step strong once again. Apply now.


Stepping Strong Event Highlights

Reny Family See a gallery of photos from recent
Stepping Strong Fund events


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Thank you for your support! For more information about the Stepping Strong Fund, or to make a leadership gift, please contact Terry McGowan, senior director of research and principal gifts, at or 617-424-4316.


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$3.4M RaisedHelp Gillian Reny give away $100,000 to advance trauma research at BWH.


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$3.4M Raised
Help us engage 100,000 people in the conversation of life-changing trauma research at BWH. The Stepping Strong Digital Toolkit contains graphics for use on social media and tips and tricks for engaging your network. Read more.


Stepping Strong Innovator Awards Finalists

$3.4M Raised
"We propose a new surgical approach that we believe will enable patients to interface with next-generation prostheses to restore fine movement and sensation–in essence, to recover normal limb function."
Read more
–Matthew Carty, MD
BWH Staff Surgeon

$3.4M Raised
"Our technology is based upon a polyurethane wound chamber that completely encloses wounds of all sizes, including the entire extremity. With this technology, we are able to reduce further injury and tissue loss, eliminate infection, and speed the healing process."
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–E.J. Caterson, MD, PhD
BWH Associate Surgeon

$3.4M Raised
"Within the past year, major breakthroughs have allowed us to isolate muscle stem cells from a small biopsy and help them grow in a laboratory setting. We expect this to help patients preserve strength, function, and their ability to walk without prosthetic devices."
Read more
–Indranil Sinha, MD
BWH Burn Surgery Fellow