Hippocrates Society

Instructions for payroll deductions on Peoplesoft

Log in to PeopleSoft below and click "Add Deduction."

  1. On the deduction form, click on the magnifying glass to the right of the "Type of Deduction," and select "BWH General Fund." If you would like to contribute to a specific fund, select "BWH General Fund," complete the form and email the details of your preferred designation to bwhgiving@partners.org.
  2. Choose "Amount" or "% of Gross" and enter $ amount or % to be deducted ($167/month for the next five years will make you an immediate member of the Hippocrates Society).
  3. Enter a "Goal Amount" if desired.
  4. Enter a "Deduction Start Date" and a "Deduction End Date." Enter the same date for one-time donation, leave blank if you want your gift to be made from this point forward, or enter an end date if deduction should happen over a period of time.
  5. Click "Save."